zondag 19 februari 2012

Fists of Calth HQ

In this message i'll post some pics of my HQ units I got painted over the course of the years I'm collecting The fists.  I have the regular Captain of the AOBR box set ( who hasen't one..). He's pretty good painted IMO, I would give him a 6,5/10 for painting.

Next up is my second captain, from the captain box-set, I love the model but he's also very well known and a very common model on the tabel.. I'm more a fan of eye-cathers (wich will follow ofcourse). i give him a 7,5/10..
Next I've a captain Sicarius, he's on the workbench right now.. so little to see ^^
I have another named character, this one's finished, Chaplain Cassius (love the model). 7,5/10 for painting.

I have two more chaplains, one in terminator armour and one with a jumppack, they are both very good HQ choices, espesially when you want to get stuck right in with some nice eldar or some poor gaurdsmen ^^ they give an incredible boost to assault units. they both deserve a 6,5/10 for painting.

Then we get to my favourite model of my entire army I think.. My (littlebit) converted Librarian in terminaotr armour.. the pole on his back is so awesome, and i found it necessary to give his weapon a little bit more of the coolness he deserves.. now it's more a weapon instead of a staff.. I love him <3 and i give him an 8,5/10 for painting.. but the picture doesn't honour the paintjob, he looks better in person..
and we're at the last but not least.. a selfmade MOTF, I don't use him a lot though.. but I had a good time converting and painting him, I got a chance to paint a red paintjob with a purpose for the army.. (after 5000pts of blue armor, you wna't to paint some other colour.. believe me..) he deserves a 6/10 for the paintjob.

That was that for this update, I hope the next one doens't take so much time to post ^^

The emperor protects.. but armor comes in very handy most of the time..

donderdag 15 december 2011

Fists of Calth Fluff

The fists of Calth are a small chapter but is considered an elite society of supreme warriors by other chapters.
The Fists of Calth are a second founding chapter and there was Ultramarine gene-seed used to create them.. They collaborate on most occasions with the Ultramarines as they are also a chapter that defends the Realm of Ultramar.. more specifically the planet of Calth. The Fists of Calth have their own traditions but follow the Codex Astartes as to be expected, although they modify the battle doctrines as they wish. They consider the Codex not as a Rulebook for War but more as guidelines for warfare. One of the most bespoken characteristics of the chapter is their lack of hunger to glory and fame. They rather get the job done than taking credit for it, they don't want to be praised or honored outside their own chapter halls.

Over more then a 1000 years on the of the finest of the scions of Guilliman, The Fists of Calth defended the human empire against the horrors of space; Orks, tyranids, Eldar, Necrons and even renegade Dark angels.
Although the Fists have a legendary hate for anything chaotic or deamonlike. When the Grey Knights of the Inquisition heard of this, they send a diplomat to ask for co-operation between the chapters. The Fists were honored and accepted the offer thankfully, this also contributes to the legend of the Fists of Calth, one of the few chapters, alloed to fight alongside the majestic Grey Knights without being obliged to a mind-wipe protocol afterwards. If you see a one of the Fists of Calth warriors on the field of battle you will notice that their bravery borders to madness and fanaticism, but they are not fools, as they are one of the best warriors the human kind has to offer! So don't fear their temper, they will never harm a pure citizen or warrior of the Imperium, they get every mission done, no matter what they are facing..

One of the biggest enemies of the Fists are the Orks, feral an brutal fungus with guttering language and absolutely no brain.. brute force is the only language they understand as well as in warfare as in their daily "society". The reason why the hate against the Orks burns so bright is the fact that the last hundreds of yours the Orks become more and more agressive and daring.. they also have had a lot of luck against the chapter and because of that they took already hundreds of battle-brothers.. But the Calths will overcome this green evil, even if they have to call in the Grey kngihts, the Orks will be crushed and sent back to their part of the Galaxy.. Slowly the Fists f Calth are learning the "tactics" of the Orks and they are changing theirs to counter the horde.. they are slowly learning how to defeat them and one day the tide will turn against the Orks.. One day..

In battle the Fists of Calth tend to use lighting fast assault units and pondering heavy weapons fire, although a combination of both in one army is rather tricky. As the both parts become outnumbered and unable to support each other. The actual battle tactics and clear strategy doctrines are collected in a tome which can only be opened by a captain or higher ranking officer of the chapter. No outsider will ever get the chance to look upon the pages or posses the tome, so is to deny the enemy the tactical information which is not included in the Astartes..

For the Emperor

vrijdag 2 december 2011

The fists of Calth

Hi joske here from Deffgames,
in this blog I am going to show the parts of my  current 5000 pts Ultramarines army (FoC).
I named them the fists of Calth, to a planet from the Ultramar system (read about it in The Chapters Due from Graham McNeill) They bear a white trim and white chest eagle as well. I painted them with regal blue (gw) and a badab black wash and redone with the regal blue, highlighted with ultramarines blue, worked up to Spacewolf grey (all gw's). SO without further ado I give you already a seakpeak.

Let me know what you think, subscribe and if you haven't had enough you can find more on Youtube or dakka dakka by searching: fists of calth, Joske DeVeteraan, Rutga's army show or Rutga's WAAAGH

thx for the comments

Joske Out.

The Start of Deffgames

Hi everyone,

Two guys from europe saw the miniwargaming vids about making money with your videos..
bingo.. we decided to take our hobby to a higher level. We decided to call our group, channel, blog,.. the epic name: DEFFGAMES ! !
We already started with a youtube channel called deffgames, where we introduce our armies, for the moment we only have the first half of our group, the one who goes by the name of Rutger, who shows in a couple of vids how he thinks about his greenskins and how he painted them.
We appreciate hints and tips from everyone, including about vid making or getting more "famous" on the internet.
(first time ever on blogging or whatever ^^ so don't judge too hard)

Joske out.